Poop Happens
About us

Elizabeth Kulp may be the one who thought of the business concept for Poop Happens, but Dave is Poop Happens. He is the scooper, the business man, the boss, receptionist, accountant, customer service, etc. He works in the humid Indiana summers and the freezing midwest winters. David is a proud Fort Wayne native and loves his job, the dogs he comes into contact with, and the customers.

 Three kids + five dogs =CHAOS

We realize our business is unusual and there is always a story to tell. We have had such fun with it! We love that people are taking pictures of Dave's truck and the bug with their cell phone,we look forward to making a cashier smile over a business debit card, and we enjoy all the questions that others have about the poop business.

   Poop Happens

David Kulp




The kids are thrilled with our business! Jackson loves to jump in the truck with Dave for a few hours of scooping and offer his advice on expanding Poop Happens. Our littlest, Aurora, is amused about the business and is always eager to make a joke about what her Daddy does for a living.
To the dogs we have loved and lost...Rest in Peace: Blondie, Mabel, Ferris and Ebony.

The "Poop Guy" & His Family

David, Elizabeth,
Jackson, Aurora & Daisy

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