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Poop Happens: A Dirty but Growing Business

By Stephanie Parkinson

October 25, 2012 

Fort Wayne, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) - It's a dirty job that somebody has to do, scooping dog poop.

"Nobody wants to pick up poop,” said David Kulp, co-owner, Poop Happens Fort Wayne.

But just as David Kulp's company name says, Poop Happens and he’s made a successful business out of taking care of this stinky task for pet owners in the Fort Wayne area.

"I basically walk the yard and rid it of their dog poop,” said Kulp.

Some days Kulp visits more than 30 yards, picking up dog poop and hauling it away to the city's compost. Most pet owners schedule him to come once a week to take care of this dirty work.

"It's a convenience, so they don't have to do it," said Kulp.

This is a job Kulp admits nobody wants to do but it's a business that keeps growing every year.

"Everybody thought I was nuts, and everybody told me it couldn't happen, there's no way people in Fort Wayne are going to pay for that,” said Kulp.

Over the past seven years Kulp has created a customer base of more than 100 pet owners and every year he sees that number increase.

"It should also show people that you can pretty much do anything, it's just kind of opening up your mind to the possibilities,” said Kulp.

In a year David picks up more than 20,000 pounds of dog poop. It's a business he hopes will one day go green.

"I could actually run my truck on that if I had the proper kit for the truck,” said Kulp.

As business grows that's a goal David continues to hope for.

Dingleberries.  Dookie. Poo Poo. Brownies.  Whatever you call it, it has to be a pet owner’s least favorite part of having an animal companion.  David Kulp, Owner and Professional Scooper, has taken this dreaded chore and turned it into a life changing career.  We aren’t talking about some faceless business man who has reeled in some kids to do the dirty work.  David is the face, voice and most of all, attitude behind Poop Happens.
-Fort Wayne Speaks

We are Fort Wayne's family owned and favorite dog waste removal company since 2005. Poop Happens has been featured in the News Sentinel, Journal Gazette and featured in the August 2009 issue of Fort Wayne's magazine as one of the cities "quirky jobs"!
Bonnie Blackburn opens the story as follows, "Some people's careers zigged where everyone else zagged, and they have ended up with jobs that are either impossibly more cool, seriously more exotic, way more fun or---in one case---a lot more yucky than the rest of us."

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