Poop Happens
They Poop. We Scoop.
 Fort Wayne's

 Pooper Scoopers

Poop Happens
offers dog waste removal from your home or business 1-2 times per week. We are prompt, thorough, and trustworthy. Always friendly, we will come to the designated spot and remove all waste. We sanitize all equipment and our shoes after each job. Poop Happens removes all waste completely  from your home or business so that you do not have any odor left in your garbage. Poop Happens will also let you know about any unusual waste your dog may have. We have very affordable prices so that everyone can take advantage of our service. You will no longer have to venture outside in the rain, snow, or unbearable heat to do the not so fun "doo"ty of cleaning up after your best friend.

Untouchable service and Unbeatable prices

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We would love to hear from you!

Contact us at PoopHappensFW@aol.com

Poop Happens will always leave a treat for your dog(s) when we service your home!


Great Rates! No Contracts!
One dog/Once a week $9
(each additional dog add $2 a week!)
One dog/Twice a week $17
(each additional dog add $4 a week!)

*We price so there are no surprises or guess work for our customers. Never by the gallon of poop! As Dave says, "The bigger the poop the easier to find!"

**Our prices always include your entire yard
(front and back).

Our one time cleanings are the cheapest in town! (All our prices are the cheapest in town.) From $40-$60 depending on the amount of dogs you own. Flat rate, no hidden fees or surprises.

Please let us know if we can make your life easier by visiting your home!!!

**We have found that our initial visit to a  home can take 2-3 times longer to complete the job. This has resulted in us now charging a first time fee of 2 weeks of work. (ex. 1 dog first time visit $18, $9 every week after.)

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*Guestbook! We would love for you to drop us a line and tell us what you think of our service!

Poop Happens cares about our Earth and feels it is our priority to make a difference. That is why we have always been a green business. We compost all of the dog waste we remove from our home and yours. We are fascinated with the idea of dog waste being turned into energy.

We have many customers that tell us their dogs are constantly checking the front door to see if we have been there! Some dogs have even been known to jump in the back of Dave's truck! What a compliment! We will always treat your dog as if it were our own!

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